Fun corner with qTrace – capture lovely video screens with one click

Capture the chain of pictures we love while watching movie without any interruption.(*)

I chose to watch again the “Leap Year” film on the date only occurring quadrennial, 29th Feb. The love-story film with tremendous gorgeous landscapes as well as romantic screens caused me to pause it, pressed “print screen” button, saved the picture to its proper location then came back to film again. However, when it happened at the 4th times, I felt rather annoyed and tried to find out a certain way. Hmm..

Boom! Why don’t use qTrace? Yep, it could be more enjoyable, I thought. Launched qTrace, then chose VLC media player for automatically capturing screen with a click while watching film. Without interruption, I could sink into Anna-Declan love story with a gazillion of images waiting for me. Hhihi, just enjoy the whole film then share a trace of beautiful landscape pictures with friends. How great!

Now It’s far away the time I use “print screen” then pause the film to paste the picture in paint to save on my local disk. More enjoyable with a testing-based tool like qTrace. Check it out J

Thank qTrace and share with you guys some pictures out of that film.

Get known more about qTrace at

(*) it’s easy for Mac user to do the stuff than Win user. However, it’s rather fun to edit the final choice. 


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