How to avoid typical mistakes while submitting bug via qTrace to trackers

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Aims to get you gone through typical issues faster on your side, here’re some typical mistakes while submitting bug to your preferred tracker.

#1. Input mistaken web service url for integration

We should note that if URL to login from web browser sometimes looks like the Web Service one. Take this case as an example, UI web url is , the Web Service URL will be

The Web service URL schema depends on your setup. The common schema is http://yourserver:portnumber . Contact your administrator to get the correct Web service URL. 

Also please make sure the username/password you put on settings dialog is the username/password you can use to login from web interface.

It doesn’t work..

It does work..



#2. Bug’s info not placed in the correct field

Look into the following case: 

When submitting a defect to VersionOne through qTrace, the Summary/Trace Steps are not placed in the correct field in the VersionOne defect. The steps are placed in the “Description” section rather than the “Steps to Reproduce” section.


VersionOne does not allow qTrace or other applications that want to integrate with Version to query its custom fields either. So qTrace has no knowledge about whether there is a custom field named Steps to Reproduce on VersionOne or not (some admin will add this field and possibly name it a bit different than “Steps to Reproduce”, and some will just use default VersionOne configuration that does not have this field).
At this point, users may have to manually update the ticket on VersionOne after submitting it to Version. In future releases, we are considering allowing users to map fields on qTrace with fields on VersionOne, save and share this mapping settings with other people in team.

Learn more about other trackers at Help file embedded in qTrace tool bar at Share Defect › Submit Defect to Defect Tracking Systems 


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