Why should you choose qTrace ?!

Many times, you may hear the words from your teammate “I need a tool to get me off manual work”. But, from where we will get it? The simple answer is right in front of your eyes, qTrace. Simple rule. When it follows a rule, let a tool do it. Can qTrace do that?

First glee comes on usability. qTrace is designed with the best usability. Everyone could spend around 15mins to train themselves using all its features like captures, editing and sharing to defect management system.

Second glee. When you ask a question in the forum or shoot a direct mail to support center, answer comes within a day. There is a huge of musketeers behind the tool to support your needs.The issue is solved in one or the other way and never forgotten.

Third glee. This is one of the biggest glee you can ever think of. Addiction of using qTrace not for only bug report but also creating guidelines, collections of image in just couples of click with few minutes.

Fourth glee. There is a community out of 3 continents behind the tool to share their voices, to share their ideas. This is an important aspect. We get results from other people who already exposed qTrace in their work. We trust the words of these people to better qTrace.

Glee number 5. Rejoice your team partner, developers. The more clear and enough bug report is, the faster they figure out root cause, the better outcome comes out.

Hope you start using qTrace, and definitely stay happy!



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