Feeling great via offering a sight-seeing tour for a foreigner

I ran across a chance of offering a brief city tour for a colleague of mine. He’s a Chinese guy, on his first-time ever abroad business trip, and hasn’t been in Vietnam before.

Here is his email after coming back his place:

Dear Team!
I’m already back in the Shenzhen office now,  hope all things about work go well with u, actually I’ve started to miss u girls this morning.
I’ve loved so much of this trip to Vietnam office, despite the annoying project, I’ve experienced such a wonderful time with you, the delicious foods, the moto-travel, city tour, the live rock, all of them are still alive in my mind. And also you make me just feel like at my own team, it’s warm hearted and unforgettable, remember to offer me the chance to be the host for you in China!
I’ve told all this wonderful story to my boss, and he said we definitely would try to win some projects to work with  Vietnam team so that we can have more chances to get-together! (and also he seems jealous about this ahaha)
Have a nice day and let’s keep in touch!
Best Regards
– his name –
It is said that giving back is earning. I couldn’t agree even more 🙂

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