Brief history of marketing research – Early Stage

Here are two persons who laid very first formative bricks for consumer research field.

Daniel Starch developed the idea of marketing research in the late 1920s with the theory that effective advertising must be seen, read, believed, remembered, and then acted upon.

He would interview people in the streets, asking them if they read certain publications. If they did, his researchers would show them the magazines and ask if they recognized or remembered any of the ads found in them.

He then compared the number of people he interviewed with the circulation of the magazine to figure out how effective those ads were in reaching their readers.

George Gallup became the first ever director of an advertising agency in 1932. Gallup developed a lot of the techniques still used today to find out which ads work and whyquestionnaires, focus groups, listeners’ panels – as well as devising audience measurement techniques.

~To be continued with retail measurement field~


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