wise words

“Lovers are always afraid. The fear is because love comes like a breeze. You cannot produce it, it is not something to be  manufactured — it comes. But anything that comes on its own, can go also on its own, that is a naturalcorollary. Love comes, and flowers blossom in you, songs arise in your heart, a desire to dance… but with a hidden fear. What will happen if this breeze that has come to you, cool and fragrant, leaves you tomorrow?… because you are not the limit of existence. And the breeze is only a guest — it will be with you as long as it feels to be, and it will go any moment. This creates fear in people, and they become possessive. They start closing their doors and windows to keep the breeze in. But when your doors and windows are closed, it is not the same breeze. The coolness is lost, the fragrance is lost — soon it is disgusting. It needs freedom, and you have taken away the freedom; it is only a corpse. In the name of love people are carrying each others’ corpses, which they call marriage. And to carry corpses you have to go to a government registrar’s office to make it a legal bond. Love cannot allow marriage. In an authentic world marriage will be impossible. One should love, and love intensely and love totally, and not be worried about tomorrow. If existence has been so blissful today, trust that existence will be more beautiful and more blissful tomorrow. As your trust grows, existence becomes more and more generous towards you. More love will shower on you. More flowers of joy and ecstasy will rain over you.” ― Osho


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