Things I found interesting in February

Sitting still – The art of stillness

I travelled to Da Lat for the 2nd time in 2015, yet the purpose of the trip is utterly different from that of the first. The trip is about giving myself proper space and ample time to be of stillness, by not planning for days in days out, going nowhere in my expectation and just being with me myself comfortably. It turned out like stepping back, further back, holding still, and having a look of a larger picture. I then realized that I had been racing around so much and never caught up with my life over the past years. This reminded me of the life story of Steve Jobs and Einstein (whose autobiography I read last year), both shared the practice of sitting still some moments a day, or some days in a month, some months in a year, or even some years out of their life. I also got this idea from a TED talk, it would be worth your time thoroughly listening to it.


At first I intended not to come back home during Tet holidays since I was so afraid of bursting into tears day after day when thinking of my lost love. Yet I, eventually, did come home suddenly in the last day of the year. Tet preparation activities moved me. I miss things that I used to ‘hate’ doing at Tet, cleaning every single corner of house, doing house decoration, shopping for flowers, food & drinks, clothes, etc. in wet market in the spring atmosphere, preparing distinct Tet dishes, visiting relatives or joining year end party or presenting year end gifts, and so on.

All those memories reminded me the true meaning of Tet. Tet is about family members gathering to share moments of a new year coming with others in happiness or even in sorrow.

Blessed me I did it, thank God I have never missed any Tet with my family so far and will not.

Teacher of business-life lessons

It’s years I had not visited him until this Tet. I’ve never been his favorite or good student up to now. I could not understand his lifestyle and the way he does business, or said I used to know almost nothing about him except some basic facts. Yet after watching a movie ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’, I decided to give me a chance to re-visit him. This turned out an awesome thing I did this month. Just like Mitch with Morrie, I learned worthy life lessons, particularly a new view when encountering obstacles.


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